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MeOMultiverses, short for Metal Ore Multiverses, are structures resembling the Multiverse containing various metals of differing refinements and composition, including alloys like brass, bronze, and various steels. MeOMultiverses also contain an extremely high amount of Geodeverses within themselves along with the metals.

Heatrit (/hi(tʃ)rɪt/)

Heatrid is a very heavy (~31,700 kilograms per cubic meter), heat-resistant (metling point of kelvin ~500,000), and flexible metal native to MeOMultiverse ores. It is the only truly unique metal found in this verse, as other findings seen nowhere else outside the chain are simply alloys with this metal as an ingredient. Unlike most other pure metals, Heatrit is moldable akin to putty and has struggles staying in any sort of rigid structure without assistance. Most useful in heat-sheets for spacecraft and native MeOMultiverse alloys. Its molecular structure is shockingly simple, only having 3 atoms. Granted, they're all different and from unidentified elements, but it's a shocking discovery to say the least.

Containment Structure

Relatively simple, as Geodeverses are held within large chunks of metallic, ore-like structures made of the various metals in this verse. Geodeverses are also always protected by a closer, thinner layer of one of the stronger native alloys in a more neat and spherical shape. "Ores" and their associated Geodeverses are very densely packed as well (verse voidity of ~ 0.1) in most MeOMultiverses.

Unique Alloys

These are what make up the barriers around the Geodeverses, along with other steels, iron, copper, and other metals. They will be listed below with bullet points featuring their compositions by weight, rarity, and properties.

  • Grey Brass: composed of 10-50% zinc, 20-60% copper, and 5-20% heatrit. Very heat resistant, best worked in hotter environments. Has no real use due to its extreme weight with less durability due to the higher amounts of copper and zinc. Most common natural alloy.
  • Crook's Gold: 70-80% gold, 5-20% iron, and 10-30% heatrit. The gold and heatrit interact in a unique way when mixed, making crook's gold very soundproof. The metal got its name for an infamous incident where a gift was wrapped in crook's gold, and soon exploded with roughly the tenth of the force of a supernova in a more urbanized solar system. Rarest natural alloy.
  • Star Steel: 30-40% iron, ~10% carbon, and 50-60% heatrit. Star steel is an extremely valuable alloy that is the most produced synthetic material beyond a boxial level. With great flexibility, an ability to stay in shape, relatively easy to work and craft with, along with its heat resistance makes it extremely appealing as something to use in various constructions. Somewhat common.
  • Soup (this is not a joke): 25% mercury and 75% heatrit. Often referred to as "metal soup" or "meritrit", soup as a metal is practically useless, able to from decent shells around anything a below 30 kelvin. When exposed to a room temperature environment, it melts into a non-toxic and somewhat fun to mess with, viscous liquid. Despite being on the alloy list, soup is unique for being an entirely new molecular composition, thus requiring the mercury and heatrit to be well-mixed.