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Oh.. No...

Again?!?! I made Short Page. I made Long Page. Now, since I am SOOO freaking bored, I make MEDIUM PAGE?!?!?!! This is ridiculous.

What even is this? A medium page. What do I mean by "medium page"? A medium length page. Got it?

However, this page is different. Unlike my previous weird and paradoxical pages, this one has a section of it dedicated to ranting. Here you go.

Ranting about how stupid these pages are

My goodness. Since PufferEX rated one of my pages 6.89/10, I will strive for better. I WILL STRIVE FOR 10/10!!!!! However, this page is already bad. EXTREMELY BAD. So what rating will it get? 0/10? I think so.

What am I doing NOW??!?! Ranting about... myself?!?!?! WHAT!??! Am I contradicting myself? What?!? This is already stranger and weirder than Short Page and Long Page by ω times.


But.... does this page count as medium- ok, I already did that for the previous 2 pages. My goodness!! What has gotten into me? However, I said that this page is "medium length for a page". However, this page is already longer than Long Page!!! Because of my ranting and pointless comments? Yes. Also, this is the first page that is divided into sections.


This page is probably my worst and most arbitrary page, even more arbitrary than The Table. I say that because Leftunknown said that. Whatever.

Ok, I really need to shut up now.

Bye bye, and see you in the next edition of Short Page!

P.S. If you want to see another weird and strange page with no meaning, click here.