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Megaverses are the third unofficial layer of Archverses, following Universes and Multiverses. While our Megaverse is 6.521 undecillion light years big, most Megaverses are significantly bigger than Multiverses!

Megaverses contains Inforium bubbles, which are the portions of its former Lawium. By Xeyons, their physical laws take effective in covered Multiverses, consisting of some laws from Inforium.

Megaverses come with fractal structures, which is described below.


Megaverses contain with fractal structures, each consisting of 10 identical structures, but with a bit smaller, but different sizes. 3 children form a spiral with 2 lines while 7 other children can be found anywhere that is further away. However, those 7 children were formed 5 iterations later than those other 3 children. With a Megaversal-scale gravitational force, all of those 10 structures seem to swirl clockwise from the center.

Megaverses commonly have 70 - 90 iterations in common, although rare Megaverses have up to 120 iterations. At the lowest iteration, most children are replaced Multiverses, but centers from all spirals are replaced with Metaverses, Xenoverses, and Hyperverses, depending on size.

In a spiral, there's Inforium at the center, forming force fields that affect all children of that spiral. Those fields then give laws and executions to them, differing on the size of that spiral. Inforium is actually a huge cluster of Source particles, consisting of pseudo-random clusters of Primordium Sigma and Primordium Omega (dependent on a portion of the origin Lawium), besides with a lot of chaos particles.


During the formation of Gigaverse, Gigaverse is so hot that chaos particles can easily pass Lawium. However, those particles will bounce off when they reach the surface again, making Lawium expand permanently. Eventually, chaos particles will accelerate a lot.

12 billion years later, few chaos particles reached the speed limit for a Gigaverse, which is 1 octillion light years per second, enough to split Lawium into portions. One portion will become a new Inforium, giving a Inforium Cloud to a lot of chaos particles. Then, 99% of chaos particles will be sent into smaller Lawium substaces while 1% escapes. Every 216 million years, this process repeats for lower iterations.

At the formation of the highest layer, a Megaverse has been formed as a Absolute Verse. Around 1 - 2 billion years later, the centers and Lawium portions will become Multiverses and higher-level Archverses, which ends the complete formation of a Megaverse.

In other media

In "The Elementals", the Megaverse is a 6-8 dimensional construct containing an infinite number of Multiverses. ??? had stated that even he's not powerful enough to have control over the Megaverse, despite his insane strength. This is because he is only 5 dimensional. However, he can travel through the Megaverse via 6th-dimensional portals, if only to bridge Multiverses together along a 6th-dimensional axis. A Cosmic traveler has journeyed to another Megaverse, which is named the Altan Megaverse.

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