A Megaverse (or meta-multiverse or meta-meta-universe) tends to contain Multiverses, some Membraneverses, and some Hyperverses, with a Inforium in the center. It is different from a Metaverse, because a Megaverse is physical. However, it is small enough to be contained by a Metaverse if simulated to be so, and Metaverses have these as hexagonal walls.

Despite the variance of interuniversal laws and properties inside a Megaverse, they all tend to start with similar-ish kinds of matter, and tend to be bound by a few instructions which are carried from the Inforium out through the Megaverse. These laws are up to to the Multiverses within to interpet and execute.

It is a 4+2 dimensional, sometimes self-containing entity.

In "The Elementals", the Megaverse is a 6-8 dimensional construct containing an infinite number of Multiverses. ??? had stated that even he's not powerful enough to have control over the Megaverse, despite his insane strength. This is because he is only 5 dimensional. However, he can travel through the Megaverse via 6th-dimensional portals, if only to bridge Multiverses together along a 6th-dimensional axis. A Cosmic traveler has journeyed to another Megaverse, which is named the Altan Megaverse.

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