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What is a Universe Cluster?

A Universe Cluster is a linked group with 5 to 13 Universes with at least 1 link for each universe. The universes moves by 1 billion light years every 1 OYC. There are barriers across dimensions 1 through 6 that block entry to another universe for kardashev level 4 and lower. There are 6 Universes in the Menhir universe cluster. They will be listed below. The links take 2 OYC to create each.

Universe clusters (Add your own!)

Menhir universes

  • Menhir-Alpha
  • Menhir-Beta
  • Menhir-Onedot
  • Menhir-Delta
  • Menhir-Epsilon
  • Menhir-Zeta
  • Menhir-Gamma

H universes

  • H-Alpha
  • H-Beta
  • H-Epsilon
  • H-Theta
  • H-Zeta

About Menhir

Menhir is a 6 Universe universe cluster with a total of ≈2.391 Quintillion populous. There is a border around every universe that blocks entry for kardashev level 4.5 and under. Below all the paragraphs is a table the summarizes the info below with some info missed for clarity. It is there for if you don't want to read it all.


Menhir-Alpha is 50 billion light years wide and has ≈596 quadrillion in population. The average Kardashev scale is 4.38 but an anomaly civilization had a kardashev scale of 6.1! The overall stability of it is low/medium because of it being bonded with 2 other Universes. There is a picture below for your convenience. (neon bars are universe links.)


Menhir-Beta is 47 billion lightyears wide and has a population of ≈527 Quadrillion. There is a big bar at the center which is known from the Menhir beta people as The Bar. The average kardashev level is 4.56 which means over half of the inhabitants can go to other universes in the Menhir Universe cluster. Some inhabitants have a kardashev scale of 5.8! There was a picture taken by Fruco lee, one of the world owners in Menhir-beta. It is shown below.

Menhir-Onedot (By Endoram)

Mehir-Onedot is a small universe cluster that is 130 billion lightyears wide and has only a population of ≈1 googol nanobots. The Mehir-Onedot has an average kardashev level of 6 to 3, a stability super-low because of how many links there are and they have about an average of 5 links per universe. The Mehir-Onedot has one universe on the inside, and alot of universes on the outside, so it forms a sphere out of spheres. Mehir-Onedots have been known to regenarate, because small nanobots use material from other places, then they compress that material to the point of almost turning into a black hole. And they use materials to form a single jupiter brain. Once they are done making the jupiter brain they then grow the universe, even then, they start to shapeshift into other universe. Thus, tricking people to go inside. And so they die. The People who visit Mehir-Onedot (and survive by getting out) could get a nanobot virus, which would then eat them from the inside-out. This universe is invisible but pulses every 2 OYC. There is a picture below.

Menhir info
Universe name Image Average Kardashev Population Highest Kardashev
Menhir-Alpha Menhira.PNG 4.38 ≈596 Quadrillion 6.1
Menhir-Beta Menhirb.PNG 4.56 ≈527 Quadrillion 5.8
Menhir-Onedot Menhiro2.PNG 4.5 ≈10^100 nanobots 6

About H

H is a 5 universe cluster with a total of ≈UNKNOWN populous. There are no borders around any universes, except H-Alpha, which has a border that blocks entry for under 6.2514 kardashev scale.


H-Alpha is 132 billion light years wide and has a population of ≈321 quadrillion. The average kardashev scale is 6.55 and the highest recorded is 7.2. It also has a gigantic black hole at the center which will have consumed half of H-Alpha in about 3,521 OYC. It is linked with every other universe in the H cluster. There are also a Whole Bunch of nanobots in this verse, but no one knows how many there are. The lower bound for the amount of nanobots inside is ≈10^94.


H-Beta is 72 billion light years wide and has a population of ≈726 quadrillion. It is linked with every other universe in the H cluster. The average kardashev scale is 2 due to the large amount of tiny civilizations inside. The highest was 5.4, but they left. No pictures have ever been taken of H-Beta, because if you try to take a picture of H-Beta, it will not be shown in the picture, just a void in place of it.


H-Epsilon is an empty universe. There are no inhabitants. Many planets which used to flourish with life inside are now full of fossils. It is 91 billion light years wide, but there are no stars inside. The stars were stolen by the inhabitants of H-Alpha, and H-Epsilon is only linked with H-Alpha and H-Beta, because the other links have been destroyed. The black holes are now gone, as they decayed faster than they grew. The average kardashev scale is 0, the highest is 0, the highest ever was 3.7, but they are long gone. The inhabitants of H-Alpha killed everyone. It used to have ≈891 quadrillion inhabitants, but now it has none except for the invasive inhabitants of H-Alpha mining out all the rare materials from the remaining planets. Over 80% of the planets have been destroyed.


H-Theta is a small universe, being only 6 billion light years wide. As such, the highest kardashev scale here is just 3.8. The average is 2.113, and it has around ≈7.3 quadrillion inhabitants. Weirdly, there are no black holes inside. Due to this, no civilization inside cares about black holes, so they don't study them. They are linked with everything, except H-Epsilon, as the link was severed. H-Theta is also spinning nearly 80x faster than the average spinning speed of a universe.


H-Zeta is half empty, and it is around 79 billion light years wide. It has ≈131 quadrillion inhabitants, but they're all compacted into one side of it, as the other half is a zone of nothingness, anything to enter that side of H-Zeta will simply disappear. It does not stop existing, it's just gone. It is thought that 8,000 OYC ago, everything from one side of this universe fell into the other side and now the other side is completely empty and nothing can be inside, so now that side (the bottom half) of H-Zeta is very packed because all the celestial objects and entities from one side suddenly "fell" into this side.