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The Metaversal APIs are systems set in place by the Illuminati to allow for communication between different metaverses within a xenoverse. Ordinarily, they are locked off to the civilisations within a metaverse, but proper usage of metaversal buffer overflows can allow information to be injected into the APIs.

Physically, a metaversal APIs resembles a multiverse-scale structure, with various connections linking to neighboring metaverses.

The types of channels present in a metaversal API vary; some unlucky metaverses have none, and some important metaverses (known as core metaverses) have almost every kind of known channel connecting with almost every other metaverse in the xenoverse.

Typical types of channels that are widely found include:

  • Creation channels: Allows for the creation of new multiverses built to desired specifications in the targeted metaverse.
  • Surveillance channels: Allows for remote viewing of events in any multiverse in the targeted metaverse, presented as a high-dimensional holographic image in the metaversal API.
  • Modification channels: Allow for the creation of matter in targeted multiverses. Often, the first thing a newly-xenoversal civilisation does is create a metaversal buffer overflow engine in a neighboring metaverse using a modification channel, and then uses that to access the metaversal APIs in the other metaverse.
  • Destruction channels: Allows for the destruction of multiverses in the targeted metaverse.

Often, the use of these metaversal APIs is inherently restricted - it is often a major undertaking to find a core metaverse with an appropriate API for increasing the permissions of the APIs of the other metaverses in the civilisation.