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  • I am deleting bad pages and improving others, i have deleted over a thousand bad pages
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  • do you like cheese

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    17:31, May 20, 2020
  • When will we stop redirecting every page to the main page?

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  • Make The Best Teraverse through The Best Yottaverse with these images


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    Time and Reality

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  • Ok the blog won't let me reply so I'll reply here...

    When I say "this is set" im talking about the fact that we have heavily discused and agreed upon the fact that me, miner and yellow (ladder is -likely-) will get the rank once somebody one of us has the ability to give it. We have talked about this on our public discord server listed on the front page of this wiki. This does is no way, shape or form mean that this list is EXCLUSIVE, that wasn't mentioned anywhere. However, it is established.
    — Leftunknown

    That is fine and as I if no one read my earlier response....I am doing it because of SAFETY measures/caution for the wiki itself.

    What I am saying however, is that the people with literally the highest power, should be people who are trusted and active members from the respective community. Maybe it is irrational for me to disagree with a high-rank v&d user, and i do recognize that you're after all just trying to help, but we've dealt with tonybalonga enough and we are seriously not getting into that whole ordeal again.
    — Leftunknown

    I am not Tonybalonga and I was told of the situation earlier before....I am trying to help but I can't be doing a favor without having some reassurance that I am not making a issue for the future as I have seen Admins/Bureaucrats do some really "Snake" type behaviours before and cause a breach in both trust and honesty.

    By the way, I don't get how you think im being "very disrespectful" to you, i am literally just stating the facts and if you find that offensive, well, I guess I did something wrong, so I do apologize in that scenario.
    — Leftunknown

    What I found to be disrespectful is the fact "No no! this guy is getting this! not you!" type of feeling as this reponse....

    we have been very active in the community and have all majorly changed ad in some way. you have 170 edits and i do get that you have seen ad through thick and thin, but you are incredibely inactive

    prove that you deserve bureaucrat, earn the trust of the new users, get active and we might consider you too

    — Leftunknown

    I found this to be a underblow because when I was active before and I was basically told this wiki was handled off on another platform and then another wiki was made and I was an overseer.....the part of "Prove that you deserve buearucrat" is disrespectful to me because I have the experience in all fields to be qualified and I wasn't trying to say I am the "sole" buearucrat in my original post, I am saying that so Wiki Staff can read the future adoption and say "Ok they have it handled and planned, and agreed." but with you guys saying no they are going to look and say "No" to the adoption because no one is agreed upon even with my admin status as a value to them.

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    • Ok, look.

      Beyonder, I really do appreciate your effort. And hell, I'll throw the blame on myself for acting out at the start if it helps. Shit, I might be in the wrong anyways, but please, this is not the proper way to act. 

      "I am not making a issue for the future as I have seen Admins/Bureaucrats do some really "Snake" type behaviours before and cause a breach in both trust and honesty." - BeyonderGodOmnipotent

      I will be a bit more honest in my following paragraph, but please don't take it in a mean spirit.

      You completely overhauled the look of the wiki without anybody's permission or consultation and you stated that you would deny all future requests, solely for the fact that the current moderators are being "disrespectful". We are legitemately trying to sustain our wiki and keep it alive, to get rid of vandalism, to improve and it to shape it for the better. Now we can't do any of that, because all of our future requests will be denied. And for what reason?

      When I said "prove that you deserve bureaucrat, earn the trust of the new users, get active and we might consider you too" I did not mean that with the intent to disregard you or to just cast you aside.

      I will nove disect my original message and hopefully show you what I mean.

      Prove that you deserve bureaucrat: The following statements are meant to be taken in good nature, I do not mean anything bad when I say: We do not know who you are. I have seen your name pop up occasionally when searching through a list of admins a couple months back, but that is it. I saw you mentioned in V&D, but then again, that is it!

      I haven't talked to you before, I don't know what to expect when you get angry, I don't know how you act when motivated to something, I simply haven't had any time to get to know you.

      For this reason, you should make it apparent to all of us, that you care about this wiki deeply and want to sincerily change it for the better and that you are fit for that kind of position!

      Earn the trust of the new users: This ties in with my previous statements. I am sorry life has to be this way, but I have to hold you up to the scrutiny. As I do with any other user! Listen, if some hypothetical user from V&D of very high respect came here and did the same, I would obviously want to get to know him, watching him in his process, before feeling comfortable to agree to allowing him to get the highest position of control. 

      Again, I will use the example of Tonybalonga. He did not come here to get bureaucrat. He was highly respected on V&D, or so I imagine. But whenever we wanted to get bureaucrat status, he simply denied them. After what he has done and what you are in the process of doing, how are we meant to trust anybody?

      Get active: Making edits, helping out, fixing, protecting, informing, these are all necessary tasks to notify the community that, you are somebody who is fit for the position. You know this very well! You are in high position of both communities.

      We might consider you too: This was worded wrong. I am not trying to put you down, to make you feel small and make me feel like I am somebody who rules over you. If I were to reword it, I would've said: "We will be much more open and comfortable to the possibility of you recieving this position".

      Please, please please please, we are not rude people. We simply care about this wiki in a fashion, where we want the electoral process to be the same for everyone. We have trust issues and for good reasons. If you show us the fact, that we can trust you and agree to apoint you this position, we will be more than glad to get this situation over and to finally have a bureaucrat.

      -The AD community, with all due and respect

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Are your planned chains gonna be part of the main hierarchy?

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    • not all of them

      also the list is kinda outdated

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    • at least finish finality index and its planned verses with that system

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    • ive actually done a bunch of finality verses but i didnt put in the finality index because if i did, random people would start using them and the thing with finality index is, that only one container can have a specific one, so the finalities would be potentially wasted on spam

      this isnt just speculation, i havent even made the finality page and there have already been multiple people incorrectly using the rank

      once i finish the planned verses with finality indexes (aka like 10 of them or something), ill make the finality page and add the ranks to all the containers. then, people can do whatever they want with it

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Imma be remaking the NA pages after the og NA (Super NA to Final NA),and I want u to add images to reflect their increased quality, might get them all done today but 4 sure tomorrow.

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  • I notice you make good images. Some of my verse pages have image potential, but either have no image at all or an overused/already used one (such as the ball). If you want to help you can make some images for my pages but you don't have to.

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  • should i make a doyousellgrapes NOs pages category

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  • which page is my best page

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  • dodecahedron of chair, the brick, the wall, gifileverse, figiverse

    are these good

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