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Metabubble is an essential part for protecting unstable Archverses and parts in the hierarchy, which locks them in place. It is also used to surround the border of an verse, which is another contributing factor. These factors lead to a significant usage of protection against wars and destruction and avoidance of higher Archverses. Metabubbles have a mechanic which swirls dark forces outwards, diffusing explosions and hyperradiant rays in process.


Metabubbles are made of existence-(-1) "Superfabric" substance, which has 2 essential factors: Primordium Sigma, which bounces forces off perfectly; and Primordium Omega, which absorbs forces extremely well. A factor is that Metabubbles are thicker dependent on the volume. It is unknown how Superfabric is composed of, and how rare it generates in a Infinityverse. The formation of the Omniverse leads to a hypothesis that Superfabric would be naturally formed during the crumble of chaotic layers from the Box's forces, but not in our Omniverse.

Take Gigaverse as a example, civilizations harvested Superfabric in order to protect from "cold" hyperradiation. Unfortunately, Superfabric is constantly harvested in order to punish evil entities by locking them in a lower level of the hierarchy. This is another contributing factor to the fact that some Metabubbles are thinner than others.

However, Superfabric is weak to other hyperradioactive metals, and could be destroyed by Primordium Alpha and glitchy hyperatoms. These could shift the properties and break the barrier. The another phenomenon is when Metabubbles become thicker, the interior of an verse starts to be disordered, as relativity is defied. One could safely bypass this barrier is to make a grey hole towards a Ultraverse.

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