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The Metaeggbox is a highly unique, compressed, and odd structure with many features and a hard-boiled dive into near-complete isolation. (Metaeggbox is shortened to Meb)


In every Cetaverse after their formation so much time ago from who knows, there was an abnormal amount of Boxes and eggs in the center of each Cetaverse. When compressed, about 100 boxes got into the size of 10^-49 boxes, making it denser then a black hole. The reason it is not collapsed is because of extremely odd egg yolks of chickens, falcons, and various reptiles. These keep the Meb from turning into a very large black hole, somehow. This is also when the Egg-men formed out of stray yolk, again with an unknown method of coming to.

Reason for Isolation

The Metaeggbox's defenders in the Egg-men are very cautious as to what and who goes in and out due to various attempts to end the Meb that happened in each and every Cetaverse, although more things happened in different iterations

  1. Worms: 10 OYC. A large amount of sentient worms had come to eat the Meb after hearing about it being made of eggs, which they enjoyed to consume a very large amount. They were erased quickly, but ate about 10 top-level Egg-spaces before that.
  2. Flies: 34 OYC. Similar to the worms but more powerful in individual and numerical power, they came looking for some tasty egg yolks to eat. Multiple Egg-men died this time around and almost lost, although the flies didn't get anything due to a more prepared defense force. They used the Blueprint Particles of the flies to reassemble the fallen buddies and then some, an overall gain.
  3. Snobby Chefs: 57 OYC. A travelling caravan of snobby cooks looking for the perfect ingredients within the Cetaverse had taken note of the Meb for its remarkable eggs, and they licked the Meb before the Egg-men reacted. They were blown away, forced to let the chefs take some matter from the Meb, although no Egg-spaces were harmed

And many more encounters that are unique to each Cetaverse have also happened, just less noteworthy.

Present Metaeggbox

Today, the Meb is quite stable and very popular for visiting, although none can or are allowed to go into the Meb in order to keep stability within it. The Egg-men keep everyone in check, and erase any perpetrators that dare enter the Meb. Aside from that, it's a good spot to vacation. Today, the Egg-men continue to assemble more of themselves like nanobots, although not a lot of non-Meb blueprint particles are found near their defense position. They'll stop soon enough anyways.

Unique Features in the Metaeggbox

The Meb is still home to many wacky and wonderful facts, creatures, and elements of egg. There are over 50 egg-based elements in the Meb, just floating around and inside it. Egg-calcium is a special barrier material that covers it, like an egg. Inside there is Eggy, a special play-doh like material which becomes sentient if heated over 459.7808 F. Another notable element is Meb-white, a type of egg white said to taste like the bliss of the skies of planets. Very unhealthy though. Notable animals inside the calcium shell include Sneggs, creatures which simply float around Egg-spaces as a second defense in case the Egg-men fall. Birggs are birds made of egg yolk which lay solid calcium that slowly dissolves into Birgg chicks. Birggs feast upon the different kinds of yolk and white in the Meb.