The Metareality Web/Reality Cluster is a web of our local realities. The box, the Omniverse, and the Primordialverse, which are connected by the Metareality Core, are central to the web. Each reality has at least one existence state.

If you are within the void of the Web, then you will disappear; you aren't connected to any realities, which hold existence states together, so you don't have a valid existence state. You can phase through anything now, as you can't interact properly with existences without an existence state. You can't even see anything; you just see a giant black void. 

Metareality Links

A metareality link is the web itself that holds the Metareality-Web's Realities together. They are made of Megons, a particle which applies extreme force on existence states in order to rotate them around and switch them. This process takes about 0.0000001 planck times. 

In the center of a link, holds a Metareality Hub, most of these hubs contain high level civilizations that have moved there, as each hub yields little Information Bubbles about each reality, which can give the civilization near omniscience.

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