The Metaverse is the 3rd verse in the main hierarchy. It contains many Multiverses and can have many appearences. The one shown on the right is only included due to it being visually pleasing, but those kinds of Metaverses are also popular.

Metaverses contain Multiverses with different sets of laws. As Multiverses have similiar Universes, Metaverses have Multiverses with similiar enough sets of laws. The varience in sets of laws is perscribed onto a Multiverse upon its formation, similar to universe formations, and they're often similar and can even show signs of law-mixing.

A Metaverse may sometimes have annomalous distinct Multiverses which have very different laws then the rest of the bunch. If any civilizations are present in such a Multiverse, they will find it difficult to make contact with other neighbouring civilizations, as their differences would be jarring and sometimes too difficult to resolve.

Metaverses are located inside of Xenoverses, and they formed from the walls / barriers of their Xenoverse. Through natural occurences, a Xenoverse's surface may bend upon itself, creating loops which pass through themselves and eventually, after becoming too large, break appart and form Metaverses. The resulting Metaverse will be perfectly spherical and the Xenoverse will almost instantaneously return to its normal shape.

Metaverse Formation

As a Proto-Xenoverse transitions into a Xenoverse, the near instantaneous transition snaps off all folds, alongside with the crossings that converge the geometry of the shape of each fold onto them, like singularities. The folds aren't stable under this configuration, so they collapse from their uneven, assymetrical shapes, into perfect spheres. After this, the crossings are captured.

Metaverse (left) and Xenoverse (right) to scale

Metaverse (left) and Xenoverse (right) to scale

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