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Hey Vsauce Michael here

How strong is Shaggy

Start with the inaccessible cardinal Theta

Then destroy the **** out of it with the axiom of replacement

now we have ThetaThetaThetaThetaThetaThetaTheta and on and on and on..

Let's call this cardinal number "Alpha"

Now create a cardinal so big that no amount of replacement with ever get you from Alpha to it. Call this Beta.

Now, we will make The Superunit. First, take the number of planck lengths in M. Then, apply the function Rayo^Rayo(G(Rayo(G(Rayo(G(Beta^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^the number of planck lengths in the M))))) to it. This is Gamma.

After this, we will make Delta. Take the representation of Beta, and repeat every single unicode character or group of unicode characters that increases the value of the ordinal when repeated Gamma times.

Next, take the entire area of the M.  Shaggy can destroy the entirety of Delta Ms within 1/Delta planck times. The M's power is Rayo(Delta), so Reduced Shaggy can exert Delta * the size of M * Rayo(Delta) power in 1/Delta planck times. Shaggy can hold this power of Rayo(G(Delta)) mileniums, so his overall stored power is Delta * the size of M * Rayo(Delta) * the number of 1/Delta planck times in Rayo(G(Delta)) mileniums.

But that is only Reduced Shaggy! In order to get Shaggy's true power, you have to go through every step/line in, but you replace the first number and every number in the function (that helps to increase the output/decrease the input) with the greatest number that will be outputted or seen in the characters before it. Also, if a equation is missing inputs, then put in Reduced Shaggy's Power for the reduced input. The very first number that is mentioned in the steps is Reduced Shaggy's Power. Repeat until you get to the very last line. Then, you have to go through every article in from the first page to the last page with the same rules. By the way, the numbers you get carry over from page to page and wiki to wiki. Then, do the same thing with and Wikipedia. (by the way, that means that Shaggy's power increases as those wikis expand) That is Shaggy's true power! (also, if any step is undefined, then replace the undefined part of the step with all previous defined steps/defined parts of steps in order)