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The Microwave Ring Is The 18th Ring in the Ring series. It scores a Microwave on the Kardashev Scale. At the current moment, it is being controlled by the Microwave Confederacy. The Microwave Ring is a part of the Federation of Rings.

The Microwave Ring's taste and scent are random, and it changes to a random taste/scent every 2.3 seconds. The Microwave Ring is very useful in cooking food.

The Microwave Ring's Guardian is contained in an extremely large sphere, comprised of an unknown, near-indestructible material. The Guardian's limbs are chained to the inside of the sphere, with the chains being made out of the same material as the sphere itself. The Guardian was contained due to Incident MR-G1, where the Guardian went rogue and caused a wide variety of catastrophic issues, including countless Federation deaths. The Microwave Ring commonly harnesses the power of its Guardian to fire beams of energy at targets, destroying them with ease.

This ring is unimaginably unstable. Approximately every 7 hours, 500 duovigintillion to 700 quattorseptagintillion X-Rings will be ejected. In the outer sections of the Microwave Ring, these numbers increase to 5 duoquadragintillion to 700 quattornonagintillion.

Similarly to the Ultraviolet Ring, the Microwave Ring can cause all Gamma Rings inside of it to release gamma ray bursts. It is capable of destroying multiple Infrared Rings at once (although it usually targets Light Rings, as the Infrared Rings are seen as a non-threat).

Note: Do not attempt to take a nice sip of the Microwave Ring. Your esophagus will expand to 17 times its current size.

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