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the mingverse is one of the smallest verses ever since it is only 122 meters. while it is very small it can ding any bell it wants to ding.

the dinging

the way it dings is very dumb. it grabs its core and throws it at the bell which makes the bell ding.

the core of this verse is very solid and it is metal. so it can ding bells.

it has been used to ding a total of 23891471 bells so far


the core is the smallest thing in this verse because it is only one plank length

it is completely solid and impossible to break and people have been trying but they have not been able to do it

it is unbreakable so it can ding bells whenever it wants however it wants however hard it wants.

the material of the core

the core is made of a very strong material that is always absolute zero in temperature it is because it was absolute zero when it started and then stayed its state for the whole thing

it is made of stone


it is called the mingverse because the discoverer was named ming. it was found in a cave somewhere deep in the world