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NOTE: word "tiem" is what I call "time"

⌬ About Miniverse

The Miniverse is kind of... "broken" verse. Why broken? When any protoverse gets "little to much" energy before its big bang, its physical laws all mix & match. Most common effect of that is size from inner and outer Miniverse perspective is different! what this means is that you can see Miniverse from outside as even larger than plutfuseverse itself (very rare tho) but if you go inside, it is smaller than X button on mobile ADs!

⌬ Properties of Miniverse

Different Miniverse has different properties, and since there are too many miniverses to count, traits of each Miniverse varies INSANELY drastically. Below is a list including fraction of it: the most common traits that miniverses can have upon its birth.

  • Confusing size : The sizes of Miniverse can vary by infinite fold in extreme cases, or by just few fold depending on where you experience the Miniverse. Usually perspective from outside of Miniverse sees Miniverse bigger than original size. But from inside perspective, Miniverse is much smaller than it looked. I already explained this at ⌬ About Miniverse.
  • Insane Big Bang expansion : Different from other verses taking l o n g tiem to expand after their initial big bang, Miniverse expands WOOOP!!! The reason of this is size property of it. Even 1cm expansion in true Miniverse can seem like quadrillions of tiems faster than universe's expansions.
  • One component of Miniverse surpassing every other component in terms of ratio : This text may sound confusing, so here is an example: if miniverse's major component ingredient is, let's say natrium, the natrium's combined weight would be tens, hundreds, septillions of tiems greater than other components such as carbon and hydrogen.

⌬ Objects Inside Miniverse

There are many objects inside Miniverse including planets and stars. But they don't matter, only object inside Miniverse that matters is its singular, gigantic object taking up 40% of Miniverse. That object can be anything from gigantic planet, star, taco, apple pen, and list goes on. Each object affect miniverse's traits differently. Here are few examples:

  • Star as major object : This is case with Miniverse at thumbnail. It has countless types of different stars, galaxies, nebulas and all kinds of star-based structure but not even single object below it such as brown dwarfs or planets. Only light exists here, which is not that healthy.
  • Planet as major object : Now stars have planetary systems and farther apart. But still, stars are too close for complex lives to develop. But hey, it is at least a good thing that planets exist, isnt it! If you somehow find way to make lives live under temperature close to core of a star, this Miniverse is urs! :D
  • Other objects as major object : Well, it is simple: if verse is central object, then Miniverse will have condition like Metaverse, Xenoverse, thing thingy thingy. What happens when you place pencil as central object, candy or quantum particle generator? Then Miniverse becomes condition like pencilverse, candyland or quantumverse.

⌬ Artificial Miniverse

As previously mentioned, Miniverse becomes whatever when you place something as its central object. That trait is pretty tempting isn't it. If you do things right, you can be granted eternal power, infinite moolah or revenge to Karen living in personal castle after ripping off money from you by going mad rush mode!

Sufficiently advanced civilization will have ability to capture any floating protoverse and produce another verse. They will even have technology to overload protoverse to create their own Miniverse! This basically grants them cheat key, and opportunity is endless for em :D