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Mismatched Archverses are non-Hyperverse Archverses whose superior Archverse is not one level above them in the hierarchy of Archverses. That hierarchy being Universe -> Multiverse -> Metaverse -> Xenoverse -> Hyperverse. In other words, they are Archverses that are located in the wrong Archverse.

How Archverses become mismatched

Proto-Xenoverse folding

During the very early stages of Xenoverse creation, known as a Proto-Xenoverse, the 6-dimensional folds created from the earliest stages brought on by chaotic processes snap. In the most common case, the folds are entwined enough to create Metaverses and their Multiverses. However, it is entirely possible for the Multiverse folds to not be located within the Metaverse folds, thus causing Multiverses to not inhabit a Metaverse, and if the folds are located on the wrong side too, to be simply located within a Hyperverse. This scenario also applies to Metaverses.


May mismatched Archverses are also rogue, due to the fact that being rogue increases the probability of barreling through a superior Archverse's border. As such, this is one of the most common methods. Universes are most privy to this, as they usually achieve high speeds upon becoming rogue and their small size allows them to usually pass through a border without causing too much damage.


However, if, say, a Metaverse were to bullet itself through its Xenoverse's border, it would most certainly cause damage to itself, but would also totally break the Xenoverse's border. This would make all of the subordinate verses spill out into a, most likely, Hyperverse. Thus making all of them at once mismatched. This event occurs much less frequently than the one mentioned above, but nonetheless covers a large fraction of all cases.


Of course, one can not go without mentioning life-forms meddling with verses. Indeed, some civilizations may not just want to destabilize an Archverse and make it go temporarily rogue, but to also move it somewhere beyond the border it was naturally designated to. The ways to do this are far too many to list, so we'll use our Multiverse as an example. If a civilization may want to move a Universe outside of our Multiverse, it may do so by exciting the Higgs field via the artifical mass usage of the Higgs mechanism, and then use the same mechanism to create negative mass to make a quick 5 dimensional wormhole to easily pass the Universe through.


Short descriptions of easily describable processes but also things that have been mentioned previously.

  • Universes within Metaverses - The most common type. Usually a very excited a blazing Universe that found the Metaverse's barrier too difficult to pass through
  • Universes within Xenoverses - Either a remarkably fast Universe, or one mentioned above with the Metaverse then dissolving due to other processes. Can also by the byproduct of wormholes or the multitude of local case scenarios
  • Universes within Hyperverses - Likely a series of unfortunate events that eroded nearly all of the Universe's superiors
  • Multiverses within Xenoverses - A more common product of Proto-Xenoverse folding
  • Multiverses within Hyperverses - An even less common product of Proto-Xenoverse folding
  • Metaverses within Hyperverses - A less common product of Proto-Xenoverse folding