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(aka, a butt load of prefixes)

(by POYO12469)

first lets define the prefix, MolkoweSaio.

  1. define the prefix Molkowe, which means f'f'x(ͳ)(x) defining ͳ as the biggest ordinal defineable using Mandore's ordinal trees using no more than x layers of branches, each branch having no more than x branches.
  2. define the presuffix (or a suffix to a prefix) Saio as repeating the prefix behind it X times

next, lets define a lightgalacticmillenium

  1. a light-(insert unit of time here) = the amount of space light travels in 1 (insert unit of time here).
  2. a millenium (some times called a kiloyear) is equal to 1,000 years
  3. if a galactic year is equal to 250,000,000 terrestrial years, than a galacticmillenium is equal to 250,000,000,000 terrestrial years.

so boom!! there you have it! a MolkoweSaiolightgalacticmillenium! i hope you liked my first page on this wiki. it was real fun making this.