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The Multiloopverse is one strange -verse. Spacetime here is shaped like a Mobius Strip with a 3D surface, and time/gravity isn't a linear direction, but rather, it orbits around spacetime. After approximately 5 seconds to 10 minutes, you will collide with yourself from 5 seconds to 10 minutes ago, causing continued compression until eventually, you suffocate and die.

To prevent this, get a suit of Immoblium to get rid of the affects of time and gravity in a decent radius (enough to take up the Multiloopverse), then you should start falling in a random direction (this will actually be to the closest hypersurface of spacetime). You won't get destroyed by colliding with your past self anymore. However, immoblium suits only last 10 years until they stop working, due to the fact that energy runs out for the rays they emit that cause spacetime to be ignored.

Due to the fact that this place is hard to live in, barely any life exists here. This place isn't ruled by any entities, so there is more anarchy here then anywhere else.

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