it is completely unimaginable.

its beyond abysm.

The Beyond can only dream of achieving this.

Or not. MinersHaven decides, heheh.

One thing is certain, however.

This thing is N/A to the maximum.

What even is N/A?

Let's look it up.

Oh wait, we are located in a void.

Why did I not think of this before?

I guess we have to wait for random quantum fluctuations to give us the answer.

Oh look, a piece of paper that has it written on it. Here we go:

"N/A is an abbreviation for non-applicable"


I always thought it meant "no-answer".

Does this mean size, the kardashev scale or even dimensionality is non-applicable to this.. thing?

You'll be the judge.

Or not. MinersHaven decides, heheh."

Shortly after these words rang, the clock struck -1, and the Universe collapsed.

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