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Name Not Found is a verse that was constructed in hopes of collapsing the Sequences inside the Ultimate Continuum and using them to construct a Dyson Sphere. and upgrading everyone in the local Leagers to the 81st Kardashev scale class. It was created by former Oakverse workers after they escaped into the 10th-class through the last remaining pieces of The Complete Hierarchy. The verses containing it were auto-generated using StoryScan, but Name Not Found still needs constant moderation in order to ensure that everything doesn't fall back into the Ultimate Continuum.

Construction Process

Name Not Found took about The tistden voidseconds to construct with respect to Coordinated Binary Ominus Time (often refered to as Global Time), but the workers were working in a local iTimezone where it took about half a voidsecond relative to them. Most of the work was done by 896 remote-controlled Reggae bots collecting radioactive trash from random verses.

Phase 1

This phase took about a planck time in global Time, and involved setting up the iTimezone to make the reggaebots start working The Multi Omega times faster. The iTimezone could easily be created by melting a Leagers into an oven, which sped up the local time. One problem with this is catching the Leagers when you're a Dave-sized Oakverse worker, but this too can be avoided by protocolling even more Reggae Bots.

Phase 2

This phase took about an hour in global Time, and involved beggining construction by ordering the Reggae bots to pick up trash from random verses. The starting location was a The dentist located at the brink of an Endless Perch. From there, the robots started going in random jagged angles between 45 and 90 degrees every The dentist milliseconds, and the second mega-trash location they reached was a massive Loweffortverse where many Loweffortverses and null polytopes could be found. They found about 84 other hotspots before marching to the nearest Barrel Factory where they could be put in Loop Machines.

Phase 3

This phase took about 59 days in global time, and involved making the collected scrap radioactive via Loop Machines, so that the trash could be upscaled Leagers times to begin the creation of Name Not Found. This was a hard task for Reggae Bots, as the engineers forgot to give them radioactive shields. But nonetheless, this phase was completed and the bots could move on to Phase 4.

Phase 4

This phase took about 2EThe Box weeks in global time, and involved dismantling 40% of the Sequences in the Ultimate Continuum to drain it's power. The Reggae Bots found this an easy but very long task, as they could easily rip apart Berry Paradox verses, but the time to do so exponentially increased as the number of nestings increased.

Phase 5

This was the final phase, which involved putting the collected power from the Sequences and the collected megascaled trash into a Yoctoblender which would combine them into a huge verse. It took about Loweffortverse years to complete in the global time. This phase was succesful, but produced a verse about 3 times smaller than expected.