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Negaexistence (existence-(-1)), or subexistence, is the opposite rank of existence. (existence-1)


It can be constructed by having Negahiggs on existence (or higher existence ranks), as mass can co-exist with negaexistence. The negaexistence counterpart of mass is called negamass.

Due to no other forces can interact both negaexistence and nonexistence (existence-0), negaexistence can have abstract things.

Describability & Abstraction

Negaexistence can be any kind / level of abstraction, without the limits of describability. It could be imaginable by us or not, be realized or not, etc. However, all should be imagined and created by Uqraek fibers and primordial Hyperatoms above tetraradioactivity.

It is like you are living in a world, where you can imagine anything without using your mind. Like nonexistence, all verses made with only negaexistence are just imaginations, made with abstraction and random objects, but we couldn't reach them due to extreme possibilities. Due to this, negaexistence is a 4-finality existence rank.

A really high amount of negaexistence objects are created when we are about to imagine or think, due to negamass being co-existing with mass. Therefore, this existence rank is about freedom without having to think.


The amount of negaexistent objects are actually absolutely infinite, due to freedom of abstraction.

Relations to Superrealities

Imaginations and negaexistence have no relations to Archreality, because realities are settled by laws. Negaexistence objects have a infinite degree of freedom, even beyond the highest possible level of freedoms.

Interactions with existence-(-2)

Described by The Other Box, existence-(-2) icosahedrons push Negaexistence into isolated Boxes, located anywhere around the Cetaverse.

Existence-(-2) mass doesn't exist against negamass and mass, because negamass can only be created for negaexistence.

Due to existence-(-2) icosahedron phenomenon, it is a Acic rank. Because of that:

  • It generates its own repulsive Acic Field, going against existence-(-2).
  • Nega-Protoverses are absolutely impossible.
  • Constructing Negaexistence by Protospatial particles is really hard.
    • Putting Hyperatoms with a hyperradioactivity of at least 4 makes that easier.


  • Because some Hyperatoms can put different versions of mass to existence ranks, Negaexistence is the only existence rank from Cetaverse that is naturally made.

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