In this verse, literally everything that exists is negative. Everyone says no to questions. If someone asks if they are a gorilla, they always say no. If someone asks if they exist, they say no. However, if someone asks if they aren't a gorilla, they would still say no. They don't want to, they have to, because that is what is always true. Sometimes this verse is the largest verse on the wiki, sometimes it doesn't exist, sometimes its a puppy, sometimes it has done this, sometimes it will do that, sometimes it will be taking elves to a mattress so they can fix their grandma's doorknob next Thursday. Everything is false, so everything is true, but that fact isn't true either, but at the same time, it is.

Because of this verse's existence, there have been really weird breaks in space-time, which is why this verse is pretty infamous, but it also isn't. There have been laws that you can not do that, but at the same time, there never was. You know, this verse probably doesn't exist, but now it does. Seriously, what? This verse is causing problems, and it also isn't.

This verse also causes paradoxes (and it also doesn't). If someone asks "is this statement false?", then someone else would say no, so that means it is false, so that means it isn't, and it would be a paradox (and also wouldn't). But also, not only can this cause cracks in space-time, it can even cause cracks in logic and math. For example, if someone asked if one plus one was two, someone would say no, and would be right (and also not right), which simultaneously allows this verse to break it's own rules, making everyone say yes, but actually say no, since it would resolve itself after because of its negativity.

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