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The Nested Reality is a huge nested fractal containing the Omni-Universe.


The structure of the Nested Reality is quite special. It has infinite layers, set in a fractal pattern across its vast voids and endless verses. Each fractal layer contains one possible type of reality, and the smaller the fractal, the less important those realities are. If any creature were to see just how ridiculous and huge the Nested Reality really was, they would die of shock.

There are many voids scattered around between each fractal. These voids are really the only place that hosts life since they block the view of the creatures inside from seeing the Nested Reality's true nature. Some of the voids have small pockets of matter

Each nested fractal of the Nested Reality has a different pattern to it. The picture shows one of the simplest fractals.


The life in the Nested Reality is pretty basic. Studies have shown that they still use rockets and nuclear-powered ships to get around the vast voids. They have only been contacted a few times, and every time they were contacted, they were extremely hostile. Many other creatures from different species have died trying to make peace with life here.

Attempts to escape

Many creatures have tried to escape the vast voids and fractals in the Nested Reality. All of them failed since it is ridiculously hard to escape the Nested Reality. However, it is technically possible to escape, given an unimaginable amount of time and energy.

The most famous attempts to escape the Nested Reality are in the table below.




Number Number of creatures involved Desc. When
Attempt #1 23 A group of 23 creatures used one of the fractals and pushed it right into another fractal, hoping to release a ton of energy to maybe rip the Nested Reality apart so they could escape. However, it didn't work out as planned, and all creatures involved got killed as soon as the fractals collided, due to the huge amounts of energy. 76 OYC
Attempt #34 10 quadrillion This attempt involved most creatures out of all the attempts. Every single creature got into separate spacecraft and went off their own directions, and tried to find an end. It took 27329 OYC until the last ship ran out of energy. The furthest ship had traveled approximately 23773 Omni-Universe lengths away from their starting point. 10 OYC
Attempt #90 2839 (claimed) 0 (actually) The reason why this attempt was so famous was because it didn't actually happen. A creature made up the tale to get famous around the entire Nested Reality. It took a few million years for anyone to find out that the story was fake. 129 OYC (claimed)

2738 OYC (when the story was made up)