Next is a slightly unique verse with few special properties aside from its resident entities and ability to contain multiple Vicious Cycles without having time within it collapse.

Aside from what was mentioned above, some basic facts about this verse include: It contains a low infinite amount of Vicious Cycles depending on the Next's size, all of which carry the same verses, just slightly modified. Creatures here tend to be very intelligent, and sometimes a tasty black substance called "Yum Tar" can be seen in the voids. Yum Tar seems to spontaneously generate from the void of Next, acting as a simple meal for anything nearby. Tastes of fresh apples and a slight hint of bread, contains all nutrients needed for just about anything. Usually in globs of 500 ly.

Notable Entities (There are MANY more then this)


Yons are a species of universally powerful cosmic entity which feed on the Yum Tar, and are considered the herbivores of the Next's ecosystem. Even being small, rodent like creatures, they posses universal-scale manipulation abilities and are smarter then the most intelligent life in the local Omniverse. Using raw subatomic particles from the dead entities of Next, they construct cities and are most dangerous in hordes. They also tend to be able to get Yum Tar in specialized farms through means they wish not to disclose. They also leave the Vicious Cycles in Next alone as opposed to colonizing them, as the color and other factors kill them near immediately. Societies with powerful weapons often raid Yons and their cities, enslaving them and forcing them to build planets and stars.


Yuns are the rival species to Yons, having much greater manipulation abilities, but much lower numbers. They could tear apart whole Megaverses if angered, and they resemble long-legged crocodiles mixed with komodos. They have very poor control over their power, and are as smart as a slightly held back parrot, and before Yons made their communities and cities, Yuns feasted on them constantly. Now they seem to fall back on assembling Yum Tar into meat through a slowly evolved reaction to the substance.

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