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Nine ("Geb" in The Pencil Language or Nev in Future English) is the last verse in the One Chain, and is also the biggest. It contains the most objects as well.


Nine, unlike most of the other verses in the One Chain, contains way more than just a few of the previous number verses. Planets, stars, and even entire galaxies have been found inside of Nine.


Nine has exactly 9 Eights. These Eights fly inside of Nine extremely fast, and can crash into each other, causing matter to spew everywhere. However, this is rare, and once an Eight is destroyed, another Eight will seemingly appear out of nowhere.

Sometimes, an Eight will fly into Nine's borders, clipping through it into some unknown area. All attempts by explorers to break through Nine's borders have failed, and have instead just gotten glitched into Unexistence.


Millions of separate planets have been found inside of Nine. Most of these planets are terrestrial, but some have been seen to be gaseous. So far, 3 types of planets have been found inside of Nine.

Terrestrial Planets

These planets are the most common type of planet, and are usually also the smallest. Most Terrestrial Planets consist of metals such as iron, gold, and platinum, but have also been seen to contain traces of calcium, carbon, helium, and hydrogen.

Gaseous Planets

Gaseous Planets are a little less common than Terrestrial Planets, but are still common nevertheless. They consist of gas, and are usually the biggest.

Plasma Planets

Plasma Planets are by far the rarest type of planets in Nine, and resemble more of a star than any real planet. They glow a bright purple, and have been seen to obliterate nearby matter almost instantly. Many explorers have not counted Plasma Planets as real planets, since they are so similar to a regular star.


The stars in Nine usually are quite small, and don't usually have planets orbiting them. These stars have been seen to move randomly throughout Nine just like an Eight would, and give off lots of light. These stars somehow don't seem to have a Goldilocks Zone, and thus cannot host any life.


Nine also has a few interesting properties.

  • Nine has been seen to rotate and revolve extraordinarily fast around an unknown object of sorts that lies beyond Nine. It is currently unknown how to reach that object, since the method of using existence states and infinite speeds doesn't seem to work for Nine's borders. Of course, Omni Gods know how to get past this border, but none have told mortal creatures how to escape.
  • Nine has been seen to collide with an outside object in predictable intervals. Every time this happens, almost everything inside of Nine will get destroyed. However, every object will come back seemingly unharmed exactly days later after the collision. That has led some creatures to believe that Nine is actually going back in time. However, this is quite unlikely.