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No Ideas is a place where all scrapped ideas or deleted text for pages go. This place is naturally

very large, and is also self-containing.


No Ideas' structure is very elusive, and unknown. What is known is that all scrapped ideas will end up in a massive structure positioned at the center of No Ideas.

This structure is known as The Recycler.

The Recycler

The Recycler is the massive structure inside of No Ideas. This structure, just like No Ideas, is also self-containing. All scrapped ideas for new pages will end up here to get destroyed.

The way The Recycler can destroy imaginary concepts is because The Recycler is in every single possible and impossible existence state all at once, allowing it to destroy anything, whether it is real or not.

The Meta-Void

This space is the area surrounding The Recycler, and is a quasi-imaginary soup filled with all sorts of hideous amalgamations. Every single deleted piece of text in a page is kept here as concepts.