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Nonthing is a massive complex filled with interlocked and interconnected tunnels.


Nonthing has quite a boring structure, and is very empty, hence the name "Nonthing".


Nonthing is filled with wide tunnels that can be interlocked and interconnected with other tunnels of the same type. These tunnels, when put together, seem to create a maze of sorts.

Many explorers trying to navigate Nonthing have gotten lost in the tunnels, and have noted about how the tunnels can suddenly turn into a dead end.

These tunnels have weird slimy walls composed of a grayish substance. This substance can completely deflect projectiles, and when pushed with force, will bounce back with insane force, knocking whoever is pushing it over.

If you try to clip through the tunnel walls using corruptive substances, you will just end up in another tunnel in Nonthing.

The Sound

When exploring the tunnel complex, many explorers have claimed to have heard a faint sound coming from a certain location in Nonthing. This sound always seems to get fainter and further away no matter how close you get to its origin point.

Even if you try to teleport to the location where the sound is heard from, the sound will just disappear when you get to where it is.

Hidden Areas

Many hidden areas have been found in Nonthing, including areas behind walls that you can actually cross, areas behind extremely small tunnels, and much more.

These areas have been puzzling explorers and scientists for a very long time, and are very hard to find and access, due to just how hidden these areas are.

Negative-sized robots and machinery has been sent to hidden areas to see what is going on, but all camera

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Camera footage of an hidden area, taken by a robot 10 yoctometers wide.
footage was insanely blurred, and was virtually impossible to make out any significant object.


The exact purpose of Nonthing is still debated, but most theories say that Nonthing was intended as a purgatory. Exactly who was supposed to be kept here is still unknown.

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