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In Not yet, Nothing happens in this verse. So that means that scientists will not be able to find any info unless they somehow freeze the time in this verse. It’s really odd and surprising. It’s actually the most stable verse on the entire wiki. Unless something gets below zero on the stable level. There is no stable level, just couldn’t think of a name to talk about the thing... whatever.

people think that someday, the time in this verse will unfreeze. That’s why it is named, “not yet.”

what is the details?

ground: the red is actually very low below ground level. About Omega light years below ground level.

Tree: the tree is The Foundation Of Everything. The branches would be the foundations. The tips are the most important parts of them.

moon: the moon is one of the Superstones that make up s o m e t h I n g.

sky: just A large void.