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The Novachain is the endless recursive chain of realities that include our Unireality. It is also the 6th, and the penultimate Everything Layer in the entire Wikiverse.

Whether a new Archreality is created, it will be always contained, which means almost all Archrealities, whether when they were created, were contained by it. They were contained regardless of the standards of meta-containment.


Appearance differs as you go through the layers. Each layer has different appearance, but more chaotic as you go further from ours. Due to sizes and positions are frequently changed as you go, it is impossible to take the entire chain with a single photo.


A section of The Novachain, with layers of the form l is the layer number, U is unireality, and the R function is described in this page
Superreality Layer Subreality Layer
0 (Reality / Unireality) We live in our Unireality, which is the "normal" part of reality. Everything in this layer can be easily described by us. It is analogous to our Universe. 0
+1 (Superreality, not Multireality) This layer is where our Alphasm lives in, including the Second Realm. It is also a prime Archreality, which means it contains all properties from those Realms. The appearance outside of those Realms, however, seems to be extremely chaotic, which is a major difference.

As of now, Motherfricc'ers and some civilians of Fricksville are finding a way to observe transition Realities yet.

This layer also includes the Second Everything Layer, Third Everything Layer, and Fourth Everything Layer. (The Infinite Chain)

-1 (Subreality) Properties from our Reality are computed by Subrealities. From ours, we will never discover those Subrealities due to not able to see sub-Protoversal objects, even with future technologies.

Second Realmly creatures, however, discovered those Subrealities during a unknown expedition. Each Subreality have differing, unique properties.

+2 Unfortunately, the third Realm isn't contained, which is why we couldn't access this layer easily without the help of Otherrealmly creatures. Also, it contains rogue Everything Layers above the fourth. We haven't reach the actual fifth Everything Layer yet.

This is the last Prime Archreality before laws start to change significantly, like the concept of Existence Ranks.

-2 As of now, those creatures are finding a way to discover one in this layer yet. So, this layer is currently undiscovered yet.
+3 This layer contains a lot of Realms, starting from the third Realm, with some Spicespaces in them. This layer also includes the groups of Physical Realms, like The Spires, The Fields, and the sky. This layer is controlled by Betasms. Outside of those groups have chaotic Dimensions. -3 Completely undiscovered yet.
+4 This layer seems to be really hard to describe at this point. Legends say The Clock, the White Realm, and Gammasm may be contained here. However, it seems to never exist, as Existence Ranks are getting so distorted that it goes beyond our recognition.

This layer is 5th Everything Layer, due to how it could contain of all possible Physical Realms.

-4 Resourced from The Core of Everything, there is a low chance that Existence Ranks and Existence Blueprint Particles start to break down at this layer.

The rule of having no pre-· objects may be broken at point, but that's a rumor.

+5 It seems that the discovery of this object is absolutely impossible expect the creatures from the furthest realms. -5 Completely undiscovered yet.
+6 This layer is really post-Realmly, which the unpredictable chaos starts at this point. To continue, we need to recognize superdescriptive languages. (See Strange Realm) -6 Completely undiscovered yet.
... ...
Between +500 and +1,000 This is the point where objects seem to be really close to a 4-Finality object. Between -23,000 and -27,000 This is the lower end of this chain before either reaching Archrealities with almost Nothing, a fixed point, or transcending to lower values on this hierarchy
+∞ There is no limit. There is more beyond this. -∞ May contain Protoparticles from the lowest Archreality level. However, all "discoveries of protoparticles" are proven false, as Blueprint Particles are one of Realmic Stripes from every single Archreality.

Realities can be also be interpreted by a hierarchy, allowing layers to be transcended from neutral numbers. You can cut the hierarchy and make a new branch, but it will be lower than it. You can also thinking about a way to be indirectly contained, but you will discover a new Archreality. Thus, no matter which reality you go, it will always be contained in this Chain.

Due to that statement above, this chain can be infinitely expanded with different, unique Realms, but can not have dead ends.

Neighborhoods: Colors

We live in the Red Novachain, besides with 4 unknown Novachains, where most realities at the Reality level are logical to our realm.

Each comes with different concepts of containment, describability, and even logic. Therefore, some might cover absolutely unknown things in The Structure of Everything.

Some Realms go between 2 different Novachains, and some layers are connected with couple Novachains. This is why all Novachains come with really differing variances.

Voids: Inane

Rarely, one layer contains the short interval of fully Inane layers. Inanes are the void Archrealities used to carry the rules over layers faster, which is why they are dubbed the subways of Function Blueprint Particles. Non-Inane Archrealities are impossible to discover in those intervals.

Origins: Protorealities

Rarely, there are Protorealities that can be found at the highest levels of Novachain. These realities are the core of all Novachains, and consisted of more chaotic Blueprint Masters and Blueprint Particles with unknown kinds. At the formation of a Protoreality, infinite ●s go into other infinite ●s, with infinite overlapping layers. Almost instantly, they are branched off into infinite amount of deep Subrealities.

●s can suddenly form more Protorealities branching from any level, by unintended accidents. In a single Archreality, this scenario happens every 0.412 OYC.

Ranges: Nova-Primius Minichains

This endless chain also contains infinite Nova-Primius Minichains, each with 4 - 6 consecutive Prime Archreality layers. Rare minichains have twice as more. Each layer in a Minichain contains approximately 90% of Prime Subrealities.

From the unknown research, there are 2 Types of this Minichain. In rare occurrences, some Minichains have a mixed type from both types.

  • Type AxN: Each layer contains almost all properties from Prime Subreality and other N-1 Subrealities. 90% of Minichains are classified Type A.
    • 85% of Type A Minichains are Type Ax1.
    • 7.5% of Type A Minichains are Type Ax2.
    • 3.75% of Type A Minichains are Type Ax3 and Ax4.
    • 1.875% of Type A Minichains are Types Ax5 - Ax8.
    • etc.
  • Type BxN: Each layer only contains N properties from each Subreality. 10% of Minichains are classified Type B.
    • 80% of Type B Minichains are Type Bx1.
    • 10% of Type B Minichains are Type Bx2.
    • 5% of Type B Minichains are Type Bx3.
    • 2.5% of Type B Minichains are Types Bx4 and Bx5.
    • 1.25% of Type B Minichains are Types Bx6 - Bx9.
    • etc.

We only discovered one, which is ours: Nova-Superprimius. It is a Type Ax2 Minichain which contains 12 consecutive layers, going from Layer +2 to Layer -9. Nothing else is special about it.

Continuing from this point...

If you want to read things prior to the Novachain, please check out the Forcers. They are the W.E.N.D entities that hold · particles, and also prior particles like Subexistions.

Besides with the Structure of Everything, you can continue the hierarchy by going into Omnionion. This is where logic breaks down.

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