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The Nowhereverse is a complex structure made to delete entities from the Extraverse. Eventually, it leads to the cold and barren voids of the Gigaverse. Here are the layers:

The Glitchsphere

This area is 0.01 Extraverses outside of the Extraverse. This layer is very similar to The Spaghetti Bridge due to the fact that it accelerates entities and glitches them like the Spaghetti Bridge does. This layer only exists to accelerate to the next layer. If you manage to escape the acceleration, then you will find a normal Extraverse apart from some holes that when you step over/under them, delete part of yourself.

The Errorsphere

This layer is broken to oblivion. The "fabric" that makes up the Extraverse is all tangled up, causing data to get scrambled. No reported cases have existed of virtual beings escaping this area. However, it wouldn't be too difficult for a non-vitrual entity to escape.

The Nowheresphere

This is the last layer of the Nowhereverse. Only non-virtual entities live here, and they guard the Extraverse from being destroyed and from entities escaping. It originally didn't have any spacetime, but some spacetime was brought in by messing with black and white holes, making this part of the Nowhereverse more habitable.