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Null existence (existence-∅), or void existence, is what one really doesn't exist in spacetime, as a thing never occupy spacetime. It neither exist nor non-exist, as the existence rank is nothing compared to non-existence, which is existence-0. It is neither negaexistence nor Nothing, but it contains a empty / null set of existence ranks.

It doesn't need anything, including Protospatial particles, like you only need B-qraek Primordiums in Uqraek fiber to construct null existence. So, null existence isn't just what Uqraek fibers without Protoverses and Nullirotos look like. People think null existence shouldn't be constructed are absolutely wrong.

Null existence is entirely devoid of spacetime, spacetime forces, and attractions. Nothing can interact with null existence, even photons. So, there is no color, not even black.

Nullifying a thing is like removing existence ranks and Protospatial particles from Uqraek fiber, turning it into null existence.


Reality glitching with null existence is impossible. If you think a glitch particle, like Glitchonicite, then it wouldn't interact with null existence at all.

No source particles can pass null existence for functions, not even hyperatoms / hyperradioactivity substances.


  • As nothing in spacetime, it has no physical properties, including size and shape.
  • Null existence doesn't contain a Acic Field, as no spacetime can interact with it.
  • Null existence is not really a Protospatial Particle, but it is a empty placement for those particles.
  • Sometimes, it would be consisted with Subexistion properties, but excluding existence ranks given by Subexistions.

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