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Nulliroto is a nonexistence (existence-0) type of Protospatial particles, which makes it a major type, only residing with Protoverses.

It is really unique to other Protospatial Particles, which...

  • Physical forces can go through for combination and acceleration, although existence can't interact with nonexistence.
  • It can't be interacted with everything other than nonexistence, except for Acic Fields.
  • It can't be vibrated and excited for kinetic / mechanical energies.
  • It can be used to fill up Le Jorino Areas.

Conversion from Protoverses

One Protoverse can be converted into a Nulliroto by connecting each Fabric Blueprint Particle with a dark green Existence-0 Blueprint Particle.

This makes the structure with 12 Fabric Blueprint Particles shaping like a icosahedron, connecting to a single, green Existence-1 Blueprint Particle, and a dark green Existence-0 Blueprint Particle corresponding to each one.