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Nvgngyu is an extremely strange and unknown object located in an uninhabited dimension, possibly quantum-transported from another Realm.

The areas of Nvgngyu are unexplored, and its properties remain mostly a mystery. It is possible that Nvgngyu is also made of impossible colors, because Nvgngyu has impossible dimensions and properties as well.


Nvgngyu, while it has unknown properties, is confirmed, since it has caused many objects to tilt or "disappear", mostly only quantum objects.

Using a microdimensionrayscope, it can be seen as a black spot in a grey field, meaning it is an unknown dimensional object in a dimensional field. The domain it is in is inaccessible and unknown, but it is confirmed that it does exist in some dimension.


Nvgngyu, due to the morphing noticed in the microdimensionrayscope, is estimated to have different superstructures that it can transform into at random times due to quantum fluctuations.

These superstructures are even more unknown than the normal Nvgngyu, but they are thought to be even larger than Nvgngyu.

These superstructures are of unknown shapes, unlike the normal Nvgngyu, but there have been multiple impressions and/or estimations about these superstructures that all look pretty similar to the main form of Nvgngyu.

Impression of Nvgnlyd


Nvgnlyd is the smallest and most common superstructure of Nvgngyu. Nvgnlyd is expected to be a higher-dimensional version of Nvgngyu, due to the way it moves more rapidly when looked under a microdimensionrayscope and it also seems to affect more dimensions at one time.

This version of Nvgngyu is possible to answer some unanswered questions of other Realms, such as how dimensions work. Since it could completely add a new dimension it normally isn't in, it could show why dimensionality in other Realms is so strange.


Impression of Nvgnrar

Nvgnrar is the second most common superstructure of Nvgngyu. Its properties are very unknown, but it is expected to have another "fraction" of a dimension to itself because it seems to be differently dimensional in different points when looked under a microdimensionrayscope.

When in this form, Nvgngyu seems to move around much more rapidly than its normal form or any other superstructures, which could either mean this superstructure is very fast, or the non-superstructure is very slow. The movement is uninterpretable, since it almost teleports around, but the dimensionality could possibly explain this unconventionality.


Impression of Adsy

Adsy is expected to be a "lesser version" of Nvgnlyd. Adsy appears to move and function identically to Nvgnlyd, but the shape of it shows that it definitely isn't the same superstructure. Adsy is "thinner" than Nvgnlyd, which causes the theory that it is a lesser version of the Nvgnlyd.

If it is a lesser version, it would basically be the same as the Nvgnlyd, but just smaller and thinner. It would be a more compact but rarer version, meaning it would also reinforce the facts about transrealm geometry if we knew more about it. Unfortunately, this superstructure isn't nearly as common as Nvgnlyd.


Impression of Nvgnmyc

Nvgnmyc does not affect the dimensionality of Nvgngyu, but it affects the geometry. Nvgnmyc causes Nvgngyu to change size more rapidly, and it also makes it straighter and longer.

Nvgnmyc has the same dimensionality as Nvgngyu, but it has a different shape to it, being more like a "square" instead of a "circle". This could potentially mean that squares and circles have identical topology in transrealm dimensions, and if that is true, it would also mean that every shape is topologically equivalent to any other in that specific realm. Since it doesn't change its dimensionality, the colours are expected to be unchanged, unlike the rest of the superstructures.


Impression of Nvgnsgb

Nvgnsgb is a very strange superstructure, because it seems to "break" the Nvgngyu into many different parts, but they are still welded together. Microdimensionrayscopes would find any dimension ever, in any realm, but the missing parts simply didn't show up.

The majority of people have the theory that the parts are now welded together using some sort of "imaginary dimension", which is a completely unexplored area of geometry, and would be unexplorable without access to the other Realms. This "imaginary dimension", as well as the connection between real and imaginary dimensions has been one of the largest unanswered questions in this entire dimensional subject.


Impression of Nvgntal

Nvgntal is another superstructure of Nvgngyu. It is thought to move very rapidly between different unknown dimensions because it changes shape and position. Nvgntal is probably stretched between an infinite number of dimensions at once.

Nvgntal isn't always in an infinite number of dimensions though. Often, it will only be in a finite number of dimensions, because it moves very rapidly. Usually, it is nearly impossible for a randomly rapidly moving object to stumble out of an infinite number of dimensions,but this does it quite often. Dimensions in another Realm may work differently from dimensions in this Realm, so this could mean that dimensions are more linked to each other, which could potentially answer the question of whether "real" or "imaginary" dimensions are linked to each other.


Impression of Ahy

Ahy is the final known superstructure of Nvgngyu. It turns it into a repeating fractal of itself and stretches copies of itself into infinity, which proves that it isn't in a whole dimension, even in its home Realm.

The repeating patterns remained unconfirmed for a while, but then it was realized that it kept repeating the same behavior over and over again. The repetition, however, was actually, with a bit of deduction, a "fractal". The way it kept repeating the actions mathematically proved the fact that this had a repeating pattern to it, and it also proved that it gains new dimensions from this ability, even if they aren't full dimensions. Ahy was confirmed to be a fractal, and it is one of the most dimensional ones.