The OMGahhhhhverse is a "verse that contains all the shity AD users who ruined this wiki", at least according to the previous version of the verse (which was wiped out of existence by a Bureaucratic Transcendent Omni-God, Holomanga, for having an Info Pool which didn't have any of the necessary info to sustain a verse). After the OMGahhhhhverse was brought back into existence, it became a figurative prison for dangerous Transcendent Omni-Gods.

A secret laboratory lies at the very center of the OMGahhhhhverse, which contains a very large button with no label. Whenever the button is pressed, a random TOG is erased from the Wikiverse and prohibited to alter or modify anything inside it. Theoretically, it is possible to select a specific TOG to do this to, although it has never been done by any entity within the Wikiverse (no entity has entered the secret laboratory either).

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