The O r b is much like our universe, containing mostly galaxies, stars, planets, great walls, galactic clusters, superclusters etc, however they are all much, much, much bigger. so much bigger than it is in our universe. Scientists are unable to explain why this is. The o r b also contains The string. Because The string floated into this verse. And since the big light powering, The string has now pushed matter away with its bright light, makeing some places void. it also came into here (for unknown reasons) which is why The string is still around and doing fine today. The string is too small to be able to be seen in the picture. The reason why this verse is kept together and perfectly stable is because of an outer shell.Tthe outer shell is made of an indestructible purple substance that scientists have now made a name for, and the name is ''penta garatom''.

Outer Shell

The outer shell of the O r b contains sticky tentacles on the outside which grab and put any matter into it. Before, the orb was only 5 light-years, but because it ate any sort of matter, it quickly grew into a giant verse. And to this day the O r b is still growing faster then ever. scientists form other verses tried to take samples of the tentacles, but because its very sitcky, the scientists had a hard time experimenting with the samples.


The center of the O r b is very dense and heavy. Any sort of matter there collapses on itself, makeing the center filled with high-mass particles. There is not much interesting stuff here, only more black holes.

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