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The Obama-Metaverse is the biggest and the last out of the Obamaverse chain. It is a simulation created by Barrack Obama to exert his control over the cosmos.


The structure of the Obama-Metaverse is quite strange, since it exists on a higher level of reality(?).

The first layer is a place that contains many planets, stars, and other normal things. It is also the biggest layer out of them all. It appears orange and red. It is orange/red due to the extreme abundance of Obamium-171 and Obamium-178 isotopes in the first layer, which are orange/red in gas form and are emitted by many dwarf obama stars.

All of these planets are colonized by the usual abundant life, except for Obama's private planet. The second layer is a liquid layer of Obamium that appears green. This layer is extremely toxic, and no life can survive in this layer due to the ridiculously corrosive liquid Obamium.

The last layer is a completely solid layer, and this is where the 1,283,382,102 Obama-Multiverse simulations are kept at. This layer is extremely well protected, as to avoid evil entities or dangerous verses from corrupting/destroying the fragile simulations. Also, no life exists in this layer either.


The life here is abundant. All of the life lives in the first layer, since the first layer is the only one that is habitable. This life also worships Barack Obama, just like the previous life in the Obama-Multiverse and Obamaverses. They are quite powerful, having even destroyed nigh-omnipotent gods before. However, that does not mean that they themselves are omnipotent.

Appearance (why is this at the end)

It appears orange and a little bit shiny to us humans.