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The Obama-Multiverse is a huge, dense sphere containing the Obamaverse. It is made entirely out of Obamium in its gas state, which is why it is completely red colored.


The Obama-Multiverse only has two layers: the gas layer, and the core. The gas layer is the layer that contains all the 177391 Obamaverses in the Obama-Multiverse. It is extremely hot, and no life can survive here. The core is where all the life is located. Surprisingly, the core is colder than the gas layer. It is made completely out of solid Obamium, and has many cracks and gaps in it. Still, it has a center of gravity. Many planets, verses, voids, and artificial structures lie inside the cracks and gaps.


The life in the Obama-Multiverse's core has adapted to the ridiculously high G-forces that are in the core. They have built their own planets and verses out of the Obamium, and have been mining the core for resources. Many creatures have protested against the mining of the core, due to concerns that if the core is mined completely, the whole Obama-Multiverse will destabilize and eventually collapse. However, the mining has not stopped.

That Really Powerful Entity at the center

There is a very powerful omnipotent entity at the center of the Obama-Multiverse. No life in the core has ever contacted it though. It is thought to be transcendent and lacking a physical form. This creature was thought to be entirely mythical and fake, until in 1003 OYC, a huge radio wave passed through the entire Obama-Multiverse. It appeared to come from every single corner of the Obama-Multiverse, and came in an irregular fashion. Barack Obama, the ruler of all of the verses in the Obamaverse chain, confirmed that there was an entity at the center of every single Obama-Multiverse.