The Obamaverse is a place where Obamium is very common and is highly abundant. Obamium is the reason why all planets and moons and even asteroids in this verse are colonized.


The appearance of the Obamaverse is a big, blue sphere. It also glows a bright red, even though the color of it is blue. The reason for that is because the color of solid Obamium is blue. The color of Obamium in its gas state is red. The Obamaverse also is slightly translucent.


The Obamaverse is divided into a countably infinite number of layers. These layers get thinner and thinner the deeper you go into the Obamaverse. Each layer holds a certain type of verse, just like how The Too Big's rings hold a certain type of verse/reality/void. All of the cosmic objects like the planets and stars are usually kept in the middle layers. At the center of the Obamaverse, there is a singularity that acts like a black hole. Anyone who hates Obama will be pulled into it. So far, exactly 1208 creatures have met their fates in the singularity. The surface of the Obamaverse is also extremely hot due to many Obama stars and nebulas being born in this layer.


The life here is a ton. 100% of the planets, stars, and other objects have life on them. This life is extremely loyal to Obama, and they worship him as a god. This life isn't omnipotent, but they are quite powerful. They are known as the [insert name here].

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