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Obice Novissimo is a barrier-like entity with similar properties to Kceh's, but it has some additional attributes and it's Kceh-like properties act instantly. It is as large to whatever precedes it as The Big is to a Heaa, which is why the picture doesn't show anything inside of Obice Novissimo. It's main attribute is it's near complete deletion of whatever grows larger than it, which was the fate of a currently nameless verse once called Uchu.

When something somehow becomes larger than Obice Novissimo, it will lose nearly all of it's existence and descend to a size smaller than a Heaa for the relatively short time it would still exist, stripped of any special qualities it may have had. Additionally, trying to escape Obice Novissimo's deletion will only make it faster and more effective.

Though this verse initially seems like nothing more than the end-all-be-all of doom, it also gives a place for things (everything possible, impossible, or something else) to exist. Similarly to Time and Reality, nothing can exist outside of Obice Novissimo because nothing will be there to support it's existence. Obice Novissimo is the main reason any verses exist, since it generates what they need to do so, and those verses will be unable to support themselves if they grow any larger than Obice Novissimo. Obice Novissimo simply deletes whatever grows larger than it to get the verse's end over with.

However, a rule of this wiki is that something must be larger than even the largest. There is still a slight hope that the space outside of Obice Novissimo could be filled one day, and the hierarchy will continue just as it always has. Just ask The Box.

Even so, it's going to take more than just claiming something is higher in the hierarchy; that thing would actually have to have a defense against Obice Novissimo to avoid being deleted or surpassed by it. The Blue Barrier is the first page to have met this requirement, followed by many more (some probably being protected by other verses).