The Ogarom is a custom universe with different particles. These particles can create computers, life, etc. They are found inside the Ogarom. And they act like 3D paritcle life.

Charge Connections

Bunto is attracted too Eza and Clonk but is repelled by Imbo

Eza is is attracted too Clonk

Clonk is attracted too Eza

Imbo is attracted by Clonk


This shows you what things you can smash together in other to get other things.

Imbo + Bunto = Eza and 1 Clonk

Eza + Imbo + 358 Moxes = 100 Clonk and Imbo

220 Clonk + 220 Clonk = Bunto


The Bunto is a huge ''atom'' that has a charge, and that charge can attract itself, or Eza. It has a layer of sticky glue, so ''atoms'' stick to it. And a property change. The

color change will tell what state the particle is at. If it is not attracted too anything, it will feel heavy, or light. These are how you can tell if the Bunto has a partner. Their skin is a blue-white stripe, and that will change if it is black or not.

Bunto Electricty Rules

This is Bunto, and it is like a battery, because it can store energy. But when it absorbs energy, it will relase it. More info will be below.

Advanced Bunto Storeage Rule

The Bunto has a small thing inside of it, and its a Clonk. That clonk stores five Electros and doesnt let go of it. So Bunto can be used as a battery. But if Bunto wants to relase the Electros there has gotta be an Electro traveling on a Clonk, and then, If the electro hits the Bunto, the Bunto will detect that it got hit by an Electro, so then it will relase the energy it stored.


The Eza has one property, and there is nothing else in this universe that has it, gravity. Yes, it is the only atom in

this universe, and its the amount of the moon, so big black holes can form with ease, but the black holes are not like normal black holes, because they spit matter back out in a time of a universe, so this whole universe repeats a cycle of death, and re-birth. Ezas can shoot mass-beams which lower the mass, this can happen at random. They can get heavyer or lighter, and there is no limit on how heavy or light an Eza can get. The chance of an Ezas mass decreaseing / increaseing grows exponentially.

Eza has a diffrent charge for every one of them. So Eza has alot of random things.

Eza doesnt change its color if it has a diffrent property.

Eza will explode if there is nothing interacting with it for one human years. (The half-life of eza can vary if there are other

Light Screen

The Light Screen acts like a screen, and to power it you need Electros. They only activate one light if an electro hiits it and there are other thing about this. They can act like sensors to! So creatures can see, but all of that out of the way, lets talk more about this.

They have only two colors: Red, Yellow, Purple. They can be put togeter closely to create colors. And this also implys for sensors and so if a creature has alot of them closely it will see more colors!


This is the Clonk, this is a very special atom in this universe, because it can transport energy, just like how a rod

of copper can transport electrons. It can activate things if the energy gets too it. And this is the only reason on how life exists it this place. There are things about how the Clonk can store, relase and do alot more with it. Explaining all of the things the clonk can do, would take forever.

Electricity Rules

If a Clonk line is made, the energy will travel on that line. If there is two lines, the energy is split in half.

Advanced Electrical Rule

Advanced Electrical Rule is a rule that tells alot about the electricity in the Ogarom. Below will be listed about how electricity REALLY works. The one on the up was just a simple version.

The Electricity in this universe is a weird thing. Because the Electro is a quantum teleporting particle, they have four big spheres on the outside, while, there is a smaller sphere on the inside. The Spheres on the outside keep the energy inside the small sphere, since we dont want too lose electricity. But there can be more spheres then usual, which is why some extra energy can be made while traveling on the Clonk.

Random Electrical Occasion

The Electro has chances of teleporting and tunneling back in time. So different timelines happen commonly in the Ogarom. This has also another thing, and that is bumpynes. As you see, the Electro has a random chance of moveing up or down, which is how groups of Electro can form and disrupt movement in lifeforms.

Some clumpings were so bad, that they gave the creatures a scar, so then, the creatures would have an unuseable part of a Clonk.

Electro size: 10 cm


The imbo is a atom that is used for movement / senceing / decodeing. It can be activated by Clonk, which sends out a signal. Its how life moves. Imbo can be used too sence! This is how it works: First, if it feels something touching it, it will send a signal, but its not a normal signal, because its an information signal.

There are two Information signals can be used too comunicate, unlike the normal energy, it doesnt activate anything, it only sends a signal, and that signal can be decoded by the other type of Imbo into an electric signal. The two Information signals have some different traits.

The colors are when the Imbos have different jobs. The movement is blue, the senceing is yellow, and the red is decodeing. (They dont have different colors, i am only saying it so you can know which one is which.)

Imbo (Blue)

The Blue Imbos are how there is movement in the Ogarom. They are aranged in a line. Not much special things in the Blue Imbo.

Imbo (Yellow)

The Green Imbo is how things detect. Because when something hits another thing, it genarates a small amount of energy, so thats how things can detect. They are aranged in scale-like hair.

Imbo (Red)

The Red Imbo is the last one, and this is how we could make gates. They rely on 2 Informatlon signals which are diffrent form eachother, so things could mix. (nothing else relys on 2 Information signals exept Red Imbo) The Red Imbo converts the signal into a Electro by smashing themselfs in a very fast pace. So outputs are very responsive. They are aranged in a Sierpinski Triangle.

Imbo (Purple)

The Purple Imbo is very simple, because it can transform an Electros signal into a Information signal. The Electro bounces back of the Purple Imbo, but half the energy of the Electro is lost when it bounces off the Purple Imbo. This can be very useful for alot of things. And they are aranged in a circle.

The Mox is a particle that makes up everything in this universe. And its the building blocks of this multiverse. Every Mox groups up and randomly creates shapes,

and those shapes detirmine what particle it is. Their bonds relase energy and create those particles. But without Mox, nothing would not form in this universe.

The Moxes can sometimes split and create more Moxes. Its unknown why they make more when they split.

Moxes can quantum tunnel, but when a Mox teleport inside of another Mox, they relase so much energy that it creates another Particle. That happens because Moxes are NOT suppose to be inside eachother. So it flings the other Mox very far and because of that, it creates a huge amount of energy.

Liveing Things

This shows you what liveing things can form. There can be alot of things that can form with these simple things.

Simple Creature

Simple Creatures are small as just a few Buntos. They can be around 10 Buntos big, or 100 Buntos. They smash theirselfs into smaller creatures, because thats the only way they can get energy, and without energy, they wont be able to see, and move. So they are dead.


A virus works very simpley, and this is how they infect: First of they find a hoast, second of all, they then launch Buntos and Imbos inside the hoast, which cause a chain reaction, and then, the hoast is full of viruses. They can be around 7 Buntos big, or 30 Buntos big.

Big Simple Creature

Big Simple Creatures are big, and they eat Simple Creatures. They eat by trapping a Simple Creature, then they bounce the Simple creature inside of them. They can be the size of 600 Buntos big, or 1400 Buntos big.

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