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The omegabox contains

  • Every possible/impossible box smaller than or equal to the size of The Lettuce Leaf.
  • Every possible/impossible verse that could fit inside one of these boxes (because the insane amount of boxes theres gonna be alot of verses inside of them)
  • Every possible/impossible galaxy, solar system or planet / star / moon / asteroid / rock that could be in these verses.
  • All possible and impossible objects fitting inside of each box.
  • Every possible and impossible cosmic entity living in the boxes and verses contained by the boxes.
  • Alot more.

However, this is not the end. This is not endallbeall either. feel free to make whatever you want smaller than this as long as it follows the rules.

Omegabox facts

  1. It's almost impossible to escape the omegabox because its shell is made out of the same material that makes the O r b's shell so even if you reach the edge you still need to penetrate the shell which is basically impossible
  2. The omegabox is spinning. it completes a full rotation every 436,712,398,711,416,799,231,682,173,939,303,808,704,609 OYC.