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The Omegaversal complex is a very strange verse. This verse comprises of several different omega scaled objects (such as Omega Black Holes or Omega Void) and a few tier 2 omni scaled objects such as The Omni Computer Room. This verse has no life, but some interesting properties.

Escape Attempts

Real People Have tried to escape here before, but haven't succeeded. However, some people have gotten kind of close?

Attempts 1-91:

All of attempts 1-91 didnt even manage to get out of The Omni Computer Room. None of the Real People in there knew how to get out. Eventually, with trial and error though, on attempt 91, they finally figured out HOW to break out. They didn't succeed that time, but did figure out how; basically, you need to hack the vents system with The Spacetime Simulation with advanced coding skills, and once you break the broken vent system, you can crawl out.

Attempts 92-1,927:

All of these attempts were Real People trying to get out fast enough before being put back in the room, as if you go out of bounds of the room, you get put back in around 2 OYC, which is a really short time for Real People. On attempt 92, they got through the first room. Attempt 192, they got through the 2nd room, then attempts 292 3rd room, attempts 392 4th room, attempt 825 5th room, and attempt 1927 6th room. Each room is slightly harder and requires more skillful strategies to break out of. Finally, however, they broke through the Omegawindow and got out of the rooms.

Attempts 1,928-91,294,192:

ALL of these attempts sucked to escape the Omegaplanet, but one time, luckily, at attempt 91,294,192, they finally built a maximum speed Omegarocket fast enough to leave the Omegaearth before they get teleported back, thus taking them out of the teleportation zone.

Attempt 91,294,193:

This attempt is the longest they've gone on. They can't be teleported back and the previous attempt only didnt work because of an Omega Black Hole absorbing their Omegarocket. As of now, they're 50% of their way through the Omegalactic Complex.