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Omnatoms are structures which are assigned to a certain omnelement based on their properties. For example, two Omnatoms designated Primium have very similar properties, although are not 100% the same. There are an indescribably infinite amount of omnelements, but a certain few are very abundant in larger structures. Below is a list of omnelements which hold lots of significance in post-alphasmic verses.


Name Number Significance
Primium 1 Composes 99.9998% of all post-alphasmic matter
Xedium 58 Infinitely unstable whilst being infinitely rare
Uungum 405 Second most common element, rather than element #2 which is extremely rare
Borvium 10,881 We exist within this omnelement
Omniphasmium Makes up Omniphasm himself

Other Information

Omnatoms can actually merge together like normal atoms to form Omegoids. Omegoids are like post-alphasmic molecules, and there are infinite of them, even "more" infinite than the amount of Omnatoms.