The Omni-Computer is an impossibly complex device capable of simulating anything. The creator of the Omni-Computer is unknown, and also is likely incredibly powerful. If something managed to destroy it, it would almost certainly die within a Voidsecond, due to the insane powers of Omniversal Cogs.


The Omni-Computer is made of Omniversal Cogs and gears. The computer is also very compact, this also makes it much more dangerous however. The casing is made of a material very similar to that of the outer casing of The Sphere. Despite only having three dimensions, it can simulate objects of any possible dimensionality. The Omni-Computer stores information with Omni-Drives, an infinitely small object which can store

bytes, each byte is able to contain a simulated Omniverse due to the way the Computer stores data. Everything contained in an Omni-Drive actually exists, as matter to the beings contained, but as data to the outside. It is entirely impossible to enter, escape, or destroy these Drives, even to Gerald and Dunkey Kong. Yet even with this it still has limits.


With the Omni-Computer you can simulate anything. Managing to obtain the Omni-Computer gives you a perfect view of anything that can happen, has happened, is happening and will happen. The Omni-Computer is unable to give false information. It cannot be replicated, even by This. It has perfect resolution and no flaws can be detected on the screen. It has a mode that is able to create entirely fictional settings, as well. Entirely impossible verses can be created too. Everything simulated is made of actual matter, stored as data on the Omni-Drives.

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