The term Omni-God is used to describe a large, powerful cosmic entity with power greater than Bongus, and the weakest example is the Terpreme Exsistor. Omni-Gods often control extremely high level verses and are notoriously unreliable in some cases, causing many to not believe them when they told others about Panomni-Gods, a different story. Omni-Gods vary widely, from Furret to The Destroyer of Omni-Gods and all above and below (until they reach Gerald level or gain full access to the core of everything, at which they no longer hold the title).

Omni-Gods are capable of building entire verses and people groups, but are kept in check by the largest civilizations and opposing omni-gods, making life as one hard if you wish to be controlling. Omni-Gods also pair up with large civilizations (they may or may not have created) to do certain tasks and accomplish certain goals.

Lots of Omni-God civilizations exist, and these civilizations have a kardashev scale that cannot be described with words. These civilizations can be composed of completely different Omni-Gods or an Omni-God species. These civilizations are mostly present in class-5 verses and up.

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