The Omni-Universe is a collection of over 350 billion Omni-Galaxies and is the absolute abstract.


Life in the Omni-Universe come's in many ways, like Omni-Aliens, Omni-Humans, Omni-Stars, and even Omni-Blackholes, which are widely believed to be sentient.

Even more abstracts??

The reason that there's multiple galaxies each with more life representing all abstracts was caused by The Inter-Omni War, which separated all Omni-Galaxies apart and COMPLETELY shifted their view point on abstracts. Each Omni-Galaxy is different from the other. For example, our local Omni-Galaxy, the Omni-Milkyway, has a religion for abstracts called, plain and simple, "Abstractness". However, a different Omni-Galaxy, like for example the Omni-Andromeda, has a different Religion for abstracts called "Anti-Absolutism" with several different massive changes.

Outside it

Outside the Omni-Universe is the Nested Reality, which at first doesn't make sense, as all forms of the word abstract and all definitions of it exist in this Omni-Universe. However, it does start to make sense once you think about this; Different Omni-Universes have different Omni-Laws, meaning that physics, words, etc are completely and utterly changed in a different Omni-Universe.

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