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The Omnionion is a natural heavily structure-based verse with a complex system of layers, named after having divisions like an onion, and being "all" (omni) layers of reality (to a certain extent). It is the inverse of the Voidonion, which is element-based instead of reality-based.

Each layer is an extended reality building on top of the previous layer, with limit ordinals additionally building on top of the properties of their fundamental sequences.


Define as the x-th layer of the Omnionion.

is the "traditional" reality, with a mostly static containment order, very basic logic to determine if something is valid, and so on.

For elements in y's fundamental sequence, generally consists of progressively looser and looser rules applied to the corresponding layer of the Omnionion, along with sub-fundamental-sequence layer correspondences.

Due to the arbitrary and broad definitions above, the layers of Omnionions are varied in descriptions.

Naming system

Each layer is suffixed with -skerse, which itself is named after a combination of the words "skin" and Verse.

Various "important" layers (can be expanded over time by users)

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Layer General description (links, if the layer has one, will have more information)
0 As described in the section above, Layer 0 is traditional reality with a more static form of containment. It includes TOH and TEH.
1 Containment restrictions are almost removed, verse laws can now adjust the parent verse's containment position in small increments over time, even with the ability to swap position in containment with outer verses.
2 Containment starts to break down, every few OYC many chains start to shuffle positions of their verses. First prime numbered layer.
3 Even chains of indirect containment are also affected by shuffling now.
4 Containment collapses on itself, laws now affect random points in space.
ω The Omnionion nearly reaches a peak in disorder, with post-first Physical Realm-like properties. However, due to the large disorder, and the fact that is an element in many fundamental sequences, the "more chaotic" rule starts to fade away and be replaced by new realities with alien-like laws and structure occupying further layers.
ω + 8 This is the first point after where reality starts to become stable again.
ω1 This is the Omnionion itself. Due to the lack of -cofinality fundamental sequences at this point, there is less of a "rule" here, opening the doors for chaotic conditions in future verses.


Like the Voidonion, the Omnionion's upper layers can only be accessed conveniently via Omnipockets. Due to the immense chaos of the last layer of the Omnionion, Omnipockets should be set up in a way that balances "skipping chaotic levels" and "only gradually getting more chaotic".

For weaker civilizations, many Omnipockets would need creation anyway, due to 's inaccessibility properties.