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Omnipockets are pockets found in many spaces, that allow metadata/laws/etc to be transferred from two isolated number system-based spaces (i.e. positive-size and negative-size space).

As implied by the above, there are many Omnipockets, each of which connecting different spaces. The most common are positive to/from negatives, and · scale to/from positives.

Without the presence of Omnipockets, sub-zero-sized particles would've been isolated away, including and ·. That would lead to a lack of structure, in fact a lack of almost anything.


Omnipockets work by putting immense energy on Protoverses or other similar structures. Depending on the forces used, this will break the Protoverse, leading to a gateway to a new space.

The forces are typically generated from other Omnipockets that have already been set up across alternate Archverse chains, that go on longer than the Hyperverse. This is due to the fact that long Archverse chains exhibit large amounts of chaos, which can generate useful "superforces".


However, only laws can really pass through; the opening will be around point-sized relative to both spaces used. As a result of this, objects like hyper-intensified black holes need to be used in order to push objects directly into the Omnipocket, along with making them 0-size.

Laws/forces using Omnipockets

When a law/force passes through an Omnipocket, it pops on the other space as if it came from a point. Due to the fact that only one point is exerting the force/law (as opposed to many), the result is very weak, especially across even small distances.

However, this can be avoided by extremely powerful forces, which are weakened into a "normal" state or simply repel against the distance-based weakness.

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