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The Omnipyramid is a pyramid on top of The Box.

The Omnipyramid is made out of Unpentnulloctium (unoficially known as Myonmyunium), the 1508th element, making it one of the most durable, stable and indestructible structures of this Realm.

It was built by Lord Hujo'xiffu to keep The Box in one position. Until then, The Box was known to move omnidirectionaly, now, it rests in one place, only moved on special occasions.

The pyramid has allowed many, many cultures, civilizations and life forms to flourish and dissipate out into the abyss to spread their colonization.

However, the pyramid doesn't only possess positives.


27 OD 4452 OYC

On 27 OD 4452 OYC, a fatal event occurred when a rogue Berryverse struck the Omnipyramid at a never-before-seen speed. This caused a chunk of the pyramid to break off.

The Omnipyramid collapsed and temporarily damaged The Box.

The piece has never been spotted since and has likely been lost forever. Luckily, it was repaired quickly thanks to swift community efforts.

46 OD 220 OYC

War broke out on the 46 OD 220 OYC, one of the opposing sides decided to destroy part of The Box to tip the Omnipyramid over as a defense mechanism. This led to a victory, although a highly controversial one.