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Abstract/Summerisation: Omnistructure 1 is one of many omnistructures, but it is a complicated structure because of it's strange properties. The structure contains verses of Existence Rank of 0, 1 and 2, including Boxverses. But remember, this structure is still inside of a larger dimension of a universe which is the USP-verse. The USP-verse says to contain all of the existance 2,1,0 and is contained by a mysterious existance 3,2,1 containing verse.

By other means: omnistructure-1 is a cylindrically shaped container that contains all objects that exist, don't exist, and superexist.

Omnistructure 1 is one of the uncountable structures that exist, but the structures themselves are not limited to cyllinders, but they are many shapes. The size is uncountable, and probabaly impossible to judge. There is no true size but it is said to contain all of the verses inside of it, so it might give an estimate. The surfaces of these shapes are basically a hypersurface that has been bent into a closed shape that's three dimensional, but other shapes can possess other dimensions.

Those surfaces are basically containing "present time" and basically the continium of a lower level of space-time, these contain ALL the lower verses that do not exist, superexist and exist. Think of it as a two dimensional plane wrapped around in a closed shape and the fact you are stuck in this hypersurface of the present, along with all other "Verses." Including the box-verses too as well. Allow me to demostrate what this means. However, these megastructures are a part of a LARGER space-time continium, while the megastructure is containing the lower verses, and the lower "Continiums". So we can say that our verses, are kind of wrapped up in this fabric of the hypersurface.

The hypersurface can be explained as; 3D objects and all the dimensions, even the verses in it are basically translated into a 2D surface.

A description of how travel works.

So it's indeed a fascinating thing(Look at the images below for an example!)

This is an image to better understand what to imagine.

Hey wait a minute! Is it possible that one can traverse through the void to get out of here? Well, the answer is not so simple unfortunently. In fact, it is the hypersurface of a lower space-time so what one needs to do is bend the higher space time, basically bending the hypersurface to connect the oppesite sides together, and that requires something that is strong enough to to bend higher space-time then this.

Is it possible to go to the other side with a normal hyperdrive? No, because it's literally a hypersurface of the present space-time continium and attempting to do so is impossible because the person would end up circling the thing instead and stuck going around in circles. So to get to an other omnistructure, or even to the other side of the cyllinder without circling it they'd need a hyperdrive(or an omni-drive) that can BEND this space

It's a higher level of space time that cannot be bent unless if a person has a higher space-time device. IF one truly want to get out of such structure, it will absoloutly require a hyperdrive/omnidrive strong enough to bend this space and get to the other omni-structures as well. Oddly enough, is a three-dimensional space time that is very innecessible to lower level hyperdrives. These 2D hypersurfaces are just "Images." of verses on a flat plane. But it's impossible to observe, or see the walls because you're a part of a space-time continium that's lower then the outside, and also you can't be stuck in the void between the hyper-surfaces because they'll be pulled back to where the person tried to leave from, or worst case scenario where you'd arrive if you're on the other side.

I want to note that this cyllinder is a never-ending stretch that goes into god knows what. This is just a fraction of what you'd actually see.

Other omnistructures, and clusters etc...

There are indeed many other omni-structures, but they can also link together into clusters. Our Omnistructure is connected to a "Omnistructure (super)-cluster." and those clusters can be super/big/Medium/Hyper/Omni or whatever you wish to imagine, there is no limit to how much the structures go on for. This higher space time of the verse these clusters are inside of is something that's truly unimaginable.

This verse has a lot of omni-structures like our own, connected to some sort of network. Each network and cluster is very unique, because of their different configuration and size but also how the verses over there behave too. Some of them are connected to even massive clusters, while some of them are isolated from eachother. The verse this is all in, is called the USP-Verse. It is an abbreviation of: Unknown Space Phenomenon. However, it is also said that a higher level of omnistructure does exist, where the hypersurface is only the USP-verses and one of them containing Omnistructure 1 and that there is EVEN higher levels of space-time. Similar with" Box in a Box theory "it has borrowed.

What is the USP-verse? Well, it's what contains all of these clusters, Omnistructures and the clusters within it. However, the USP-verse contains an other high-level Omnistructure that contains the other Omnistructures as well. So they do indeed contain themselves too. However, there is certainly a void that cannot be accessed by mare mortals, because otherwise you'd be sucked into the lower dimensions. (as said above why.)

Explaining the hyper-void / the void.

The void, is actually to be depicted as a type of hyper void of high dimenionality and higher existance level. The level of existance required for something to be sustained there is 3 and above. However, while the structures(Omnistructures) can be of "any"(and I am a bit sarcastic) dimensionality weirdly enough , except for Aleph_1. The void has (Aleph_1) or ammount of dimensions and that's why it's impossible to sustain a lower dimensional being unless if one has a device that allows you to be in this void. Anywho, because the EXTREAMLY high dimensionality rejects everything that is not match it's dimension but also it's existance level. So the only way of course to travel is to bend space-time between the surfaces so that the person creates a safe gateway through it. (As described above.) We can say it is an infinite of dimensions that encompasses a three dimensional object (The structure). The omnistructures itself is a singular verse, among many other verses and clusters of verses, just like the multiverse in a sense where you'd possibly find clusters of these universes and so on.

It is said that the void is like a funhouse mirror, basically your reflection would be over and over again as if you were in and photons would behave in a very very strange manner , but it goes for infinity and spans into every single direction. But during a hyper-jump you can't actually see it unfortunently because it's hidden by the stretched hypersurface that has been bent and distorted. It is basically like an infinite mirror labyrinth going on forever so honestly the people going through there, if there are any should stay on the path or they'd be lost in the void if they'd transform into the infinith dimension and pass through the safety limits.

This image explains what I've said. How things work when you bend these spaces.

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