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An Omniversal Cog is a type of cosmic object. The main use of an Omniversal Cog is the ability to easily make an infinite verse with one. It cannot be replicated except by being with full access to The Core of Everything (EX. Gerald). It also does not avoid This' powers, and can be replicated by It. There are five natural Cogs in the Omniverse, listed below

The Cog

Another Cog

The Third Cog

Yet Another Cog

The Last Cog

The Cog is in the (Dead) Aln32d46verse, Another Cog being the main part of The B;ock and The Third Cog is part of The Hypercube of Fiction. The other cogs are in the Omni-Computer.

Omniversal Gear

The Omniversal Gear is similar to a cog, but has different functionality. They are exclusively contained by the Omni-Computer. Here are the gears and their purposes:

Cognitive Gear (CPU)

Visual Gear (Graphics)

Connective Gear (Motherboard)